Winning Projects

  • The Story of Danny

    The Story of Danny

    • by:
    • Nour Chahine
    • Nour Chahine

    The story of this project is about a boy, decided to leave the school and the education due to his belief of its futility. But, his teacher determined to take him on a tour to meet some people and listen to their stories about the benefits of Education, which helped them to reach to their current positions. After that, Danny went back to his school with full belief in the importance of learning. This Project has some interaction with the attendees.

  • The Rocket and the Education

    The Rocket and the Education

    • by:
    • Zuhier AlSabbagh
    • Zuhier AlSabbagh

    The story of this project is about a missile failed to take off because of technical problems faced the engineers due to gaps in their education. But, the experiment was redone again with slight changes by following the correct methods, and it succeeded. This project interspersed some additions that give it aesthetic.

  • Educational Tests

    Educational Tests

    • by:
    • Muhammad Sa'ad
    • Muhammad Sa'ad

    This project addresses different educational tests in several fields of science and you have to success by having the correct answers.

  • Story and Tidings

    Story and Tidings

    • by:
    • Muhammad AlTaneer
    • Muhammad AlTaneer

    It is a story of a boy decided to leave the school due to his belief of its futility, but his teacher decided to tell him the importance of the school. This project has some mental and mathematical tests.


  • Yaman Sadeq

    Yaman SadeqDesigner and Photographer

    Yaman Sadeq, was responsible of evaluating the design of the participants's projects in addition to the final output of the projects.

    Mr. Sadeq is a Student in the University at the fifth level, specialized in Biomedical Engineering, and has different skills, like drawing, designing and photographing, He creates Videos in his own style, and spread them over his Facebook page Yman Sadeq Gallery.

    He volunteered with several bodies, like Syrian Researchers, and he has been working for SpaceToon TV Channel since 2015.

    When we asked Mr. Sadeq, about the most touching phrase for him, he said: "Happiness is Contagious", and continued, Happiness branched into many branches.

  • Maya Taqey

    Maya TaqeyEngineer and Teacher

    Maya Taqey, was responsible of evaluating the programming languages of the participants’s projects.

    Ms. Taqey, is an Engineer and Teacher at the Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, University of Damascus. In addition, she is Trainer and Scientific Coordinator of Children Programming Teaching in the Syrian Computer Association.

    When we asked her about what we need more for our community, she said "What we really need is Knowledge, Knowledge raises our awareness, addresses directly to our spirits and promotes thinking and contemplation, in order to reach to a productive society, recomposes and renovates itself, with more effective solutions that start from Children's mind".

  • Basem Tantawi

    Basem TantawiConsultant Engineer and Trainer

    Basem Tantawi, was responsible of evaluating the Projects Presentation of the participants.

    Mr. Tantawi, is Consultant Engineer, and Trainer of Human Development. He has been working in this field since 2002, and has number of Development Programs for adolescents and families, like Life Skills, Study Methods, and Thinking Skills.

    Mr. Tantawi is currently a board member of the Islamic Conquest Association and Chairman of the Development Committee within, in addition to his work in his Engineering – Consulting Office.

    When we asked him about his favorite wisdom, he said which it is the Aya #34 of Souret Fusselat in the Holy Quran: "Repel by that which is better; and thereupon the one whom between you and him is enmity as though he was a devoted friend".


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